Luoto Allotment Garden Association

Luoto allotment garden site in Pori, Hevosluoto, is close to the city centre, but still in a very special, almost isolated environment surrounded by soothing river estuary, inspiring planting fields and of course – fantastic flowers throughout the season!

The cottage area has small roads, five of which are named after flowers;

  • Lemmikkitie (Myosotis / Forget-me-not road)
  • Iiristie (Iris road)
  • Asteritie (Aster road)
  • Liljatie (Lilium / Lily road)
  • Orvokkitie (Viola / Pansy road)

There is also Havutie (Pinidae / Conifer road).


The garden site comprises 95 separate garden plots, meaning 95 members. Membership in the 75-year old garden association is mandatory for each cottage owner. As you will notice when visiting us, each cottage is a bit different. However, they are constructed under quite a few rules, the most important being the size; many are even as tiny as 24 m2, but still with a lot of ambiance, sweetness and the spirit of the old times 💗

Garden plots

Just like the cottages, each garden plot is also unique. With few exceptions, the plots are 330 m2, and again, with many rules to keep in mind. For example, raspberry is the only plant allowed to have for fences between two garden plots. This means that a member may have some 40 metres of raspberry fence! In a good season, the amount of raspberries may rise over 100 litres…

Another rule is to always have at least one fruit tree and one berry bush in the garden, and most of us have at least an apple tree and one of the various current bushes, or a gooseberry bush. Traditional perennial plants are recommended, as well as respecting the nature e.g. by keeping the garden organic, recycling the plant waste and giving non-toxic space for the extremely necessary pollinators - bees and other buzzers. Although the original purpose a few decades ago was to have a garden plot to grow vegetables to eat and sell, some have nowadays concentrated on flowers and perhaps only having a small spot for a herb tuft and few salads.

Activities during the season

The whole garden site is 7 hectares, so you can imagine there is quite a lot of space we all need to take care of together! Therefore, we organise this thing called “talkoot”, old-fashioned collective work. Although it has this voluntary image, our talkoot is not actually always voluntary, as each member has some obligation to participate. But a tidy, well-kept area is a pleasure for everyone, so participating is most usually an honour.

Nevertheless, not all our time on the garden site is to toil and sweat; during the season, which is from May Day to the end of September, we also organise activities like summer cafés, parties, playful (or not-so-playful) competitions, Open Garden days – and sauna (well, that’s sweating again). The sauna at the riverside is for the members and their family, with the option to swim in the river!

More info

These websites have more detailed info, unfortunately only in Finnish, but we are happy to be at your service with any questions or comments you may have. Please send an email to, or just visit us in Hevosluoto!

Coordinates (e.g. for Google Maps): 61.493739, 21.764081